In the spirit of artistic collaboration Time Machine Film Works joined forces with Mac Sound Solutions, The Balance Arts Center, and The Means Whereby to bring musical theatre to the masses with Jill Usdan’s “The Haunted Trumpet”. 

The Means Whereby  produced “The Haunted Trumpet” at The Balance Art Center’s Karl Kemp Performance Space, consisting of all originally composed music by Jill Usdan, with Ridley Walker designing lighting and music/sound cues. Under Jill’s direction, all elements came together to tell a beautiful story of personal growth and transformation. A story of love and acceptance from the most important person in our lives, ourselves. A story that needs to be experienced outside the wall of this singular performance space.

That’s where we came in. Time Machine Film Works assembled a production crew consisting of camera operators Yashar Yaslowitz and Robert Barrett operating 2 Panasonic DVX-200s shooting in 4K, associate producer Suzanne Barrett maintaining clear communication between the crew, talent and location, and sound engineer Lance McVickar of Mac Sound Solutions capturing audio from 2 stereo cardioid mics in the audience, 3 Rode NGT2 shotgun mics from either side and above the stage, and one Sennheiser wireless lavalier microphone hidden on Jill herself. We also had a GoPro Hero 10 capturing in 4K the perspective of The Haunted Trumpet antagonist, itself.

“So glad we got to collaborate on this!
I love how it all turned out, especially the trumpet cam!”
~ Jill Usdan

The performance was stellar, and the equipment captured that magic with flawless precision. Then it was off to the Time Machine Film Works postproduction studio and edit suites, where the 3 camera angles were synced up with the 6 audio sources on Adobe Premiere Pro and edited in multi-cam by Robert Barrett. After color balancing was complete, Lance McVickar mixed all the sound element at Mac Sound Solutions, including the original music files, into a tapestry of aural wonderment, bringing the nuances of Jill’s angelic voice to the forefront, sharpening the connection between her performance and the hearts of all who watch.

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