During these pandemic times of COVID-19, being an artist requires a creative approach in communication, especially since working with digital media has become much more necessary. With everyone at home, now is the perfect time to create your own commercial to showcase your work and sell your skills! 

We can combine your best performances, creative contributions and artistic pieces of work into a short video that entices viewers to your webpage, YouTube Channel, Instagram page, booking agent, or wherever we direct them, in an effort to learn more about your services, skills, and talents. 

Our creative team will design the perfect demo reel,
or update and add variety to your existing reel,
to showcase your work to future clients!

Musicians, Actors, Set Designers, Graphic Artists, Yoga Instructors! Whatever kind of artist you may be, we can create a commercial quality demo reel that shows what you can do and what you have done for others, giving your clients the perfect idea of what you’re capable of doing for them!    

Please contact us to discuss how TMFW can help you create or update your demo reel, today!

Written by TMFW intern Tyler Bratton