Make The Impact Of Your Event Last Forever!!

No matter how successful your event might have been, if you don’t capture it with quality video and audio the effect it has will fade with the memories of all in attendance. That’s where we come in. Time Machine Film Works has a team of videographers and sound engineers to capture your event, and edit it into a variety of videos for every purpose. Whether for posterity, marketing, advertising, social media, or to expand the reach to those who couldn’t attend in person, we will take the magic of the moment to the far reaches of humanity.

We shoot on Panasonic DVX-200‘s and DMC-G85M‘s in 4K with Leica lenses, recording on Røde, Sennheiser, and Audio-Technica microphones, capturing the highest quality video and sound that your once in a lifetime event deserves, and editing it on Adobe Premiere Pro, with client feedback stages to make sure the highest customer satisfaction is achieved.

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