Time Machine Film Works is proud to have been instrumental in building the momentum and energy for the Welcome Stranger/Golden Rule project, welcomestranger.us, a website designed to bring likeminded artists together to join forces and bring attention to the international refugee crisis .

It’s been 2 years since Sam Leopold brought his song “Writing On The Wall” to Time Machine Film Works, collaborating with director Rob Barrett to create the music video that would win the 2018 Nyack Film Festival.

Now, Sam has channelled his passion into welcomestranger.us with a call for artists, from around the world, to submit their artwork inspired by the immigration story, and any artwork that incorporates The Golden Rule in whatever language and cultural/religious origins they choose, in hopes of achieving world peace through a common desire for kindness.

If you would like to kickstart your cause and/or fundraising efforts with a video that speaks to the heart of your mission, give us a call and we’ll set up a strategy meeting.

Click HERE to get started.