To help energy saving companies and manufacturers like ThermaXX Jackets, with the new trade show landscape, Time Machine Film Works created a “Virtual Trade Show Booth” for an upcoming sustainability expo.  The expo called for each vendor to construct a 7-10 minute video representing their products and services and how property managers could benefit.

The first step was a discovery meeting with the ThermaXX VP of Sales to determine the content.  Once the objectives were established and a basic script written, the shoot location was set and we were off to the races!  To keep the price under typical trade show expenses, we limited the shoot to two locations.  Editing took place the same week and within 5 days the final version was complete.

ThermaXX will use their video for other events, changing up the content as needed.  They also plan to use the material for other sales related strategies on social media, through Salesforce and Pardot, on their website and on LinkedIn.

See scenes below from our shoot!  Call us today for a link to the virtual trade show sample and for a free estimate to make your trade show virtual and versatile.

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